Nov 17 2017

Yr 4 Stories about bullying using fronted adverbials

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This week (anti-bullying week), the Year 4s have been working exceptionally hard on stories to do with bullying with the use of fronted adverbials-are any of these yours?!




Nov 17 2017


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Quotes from 6G on what ‘being normal’ might be…


Nov 17 2017

Year 3 Fantastic Fossil Hunting

Category: Uncategorizedmillerrj @ 7:08 pm

This week Year 3 became fossil hunting experts this week as they discovered different types of fossils with our zoologist expert Jules Howard.



Nov 17 2017

Yr3 Editing Text & Graphics

Category: UncategorizedMr Simpson @ 7:07 pm

During our Computing lessons 3M & 3C have been learning how to arrange text and import and manipulate images. Here’s some of our best examples. (Please feel free to comment and I will pass your comments on).

Nov 10 2017

Science Investigative Skills

Category: Uncategorizedsethi.gk @ 1:26 pm

Year 5 have been practising their Science investigative skills by planning for a new investigation. They had to choose which question to investigate; Which is the bounciest ball? or Which is the ‘best’ mopper upper? They worked in groups to plan out their investigation. They came up with some super ideas which they stuck on their planning board sheets. Well done year 5!


Nov 08 2017

Yr 6 Poetry

Category: UncategorizedMr Simpson @ 2:21 pm

This week Year 6 have started to look at poetry and how we can use language to create a vivid picture. We used the painting The Scream by Edvard Munch as our inspiration; we discussed how and why the person in the picture may be feeling that way and how we could use the picture and its imagery to convey the feelings. Here are some of the wonderful poems written.

Oct 15 2017

Yr 5 Stonebridge Farm

Category: UncategorizedMr Simpson @ 6:34 pm

As part of our Explore Week, Year 5 visited Stonebridge City Farm.  Our activities included:

Food on the farm tour-why & how the farm grows its food.

Animal handling-an opportunity to handle the small animals on the farm.

Animal feeding-an opportunity to feed some of the larger animals such as goats, sheep and pigs.

Drumming workshop-learning rhythms and drum patterns on the African drums.

Oct 15 2017

U11 Football Karnival

Category: UncategorizedMr Simpson @ 4:05 pm

Our U11 football team finished runners up in the Nottingham City School Karnival 2017. We fought our way through a tough group winning all 5 matches, although luck was on our side in a couple of matches. We then beat Cantrell school 1-0 in a closely fought match. In the final, we dominated the opening exchanges, but Forest Fields scored with their first attack and scored again against the run of play. We led the onslaught and scored a reply with a minute remaining but could not find the equaliser.

In reaching the finals we have qualified for the Notts City School Finals Night held at the City Ground in May/June.

Group stage:
v Rosslyn W3-0 (Prestwick, Emerson, Tadious)
v St Teresa W1-0 (Prestwick)
v Hempshill Hall W1-0 (Phoenix)
v Brocklewood W1-0 (Prestwick)
v Claremont W2-0 (Emerson & Thompson)

Semi Final:
v Cantrell W1-0 (Prestwick)

v Forest Fields L2-1 (Prestwick)

Oct 11 2017

E.on Workshop

Category: Uncategorizedsethi.gk @ 1:07 pm

As part of Explore Week, Year 4 took part in a workshop, run by E.on, on conductors and insulators. The activities tied in well with our current topic of Electricity.


Oct 09 2017

Whose work is this?

Category: UncategorizedMr Simpson @ 6:49 pm

In R.E. we have been researching different places of pilgrimage for different religions-we found out so much! Are either of these wonderful examples of work yours?

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